Ralph Lauren-Paint you polo

From the end of April, the Ralph Lauren Children's Shop on Fulham Road will sell 'Paint Your Own Polo' kits. It is such a good idea- a classic plain polo shirt, set of fabric paint tubes and sponge brushes all come packaged in a cute kid-friendly paint can. The cans are white, with a pink polo player for girls and blue for boys.  Cost is £64, with 100% of the profits benefiting CLIC Sargent. It's also a great 'what to do with the kids' type piece, as Ralph Lauren hopes the kits will encourage kids to get together and get creative by having painting parties.  

Tartine et Chocolat

The name became an undisputed favorite with children. The personality is light, mischievous, gentle, and tender. Pure freshness. Notes include Orange, Lemon, Mint, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Honeysuckle, Musk, Oakmoss, Amber.


Go crazy..

Archie Bunny

Beautifully made in pure cotton. Suitable from birth.

Kitty & Barney Mobile

Beautifully soft and squidgy, these cotton jersey toys are specially for babies and toddlers to cuddle. Available in blue Barney Bear or pink Kitty Cat. All suitable from birth. Height: 61cm.
All from The White Company

The White Company


Great new shape with embroidery, cute backwaist button opening, and contrast-stripe sleeves and feet. In very soft, pure cotton jersey.

The White Company


One pink stripe and one pink heart sleepsuit made from  very soft, pure cotton jersey

New wrap shape with embroidery, and contraststripe sleeves and feet. Soft, pure cotton jersey


For a dreamful baby room..

Combine white with pink  details,off white, with elements such us flowers, stripes,ribbons.A layette for babies is always essential.Have a look in Jacadi or Zara Baby!


first baby steps..

Mise en charme..

Your baby will definitely look en charme with a pink dress matching  white shoes with a pink detail and a of course a bonnet!

Baby essentials..

 A few things are a must..such as these adorable baby shoes for the first baby steps..

La petite sieste..

The sweetest dreams in the sweetest baby blue dors-bien apparel..

It is a fairy world..

For your little fairies..white color palette with yellow tiny flower details will be an ideal outfit for a garden summer party!

for your baby's wardrobe..

White, baby blue,pink, yellow..spring is here ,and there are so many cute things to buy!

For your baby girl..

Pink is for the your baby princess from Jacadi Paris.

For you baby boy..

Absolutely adorable for the needs of your baby boy a lovely selection from Jacadi Paris..


Petit biscuit rose..

Pink gold plated biscuit adapted on pink cotton link. Very discreet it is dedicated to the little angels.An original bracelet made in Paris, ideal gift for birthday or nameday of your little cuties.Suitable from 12m old.€30


a chic baby world..

So many things to think about your baby angel..How can your baby look stylish?What is the best shower party?How can you arrange chic and cute baby parties?and many many more baby questions..Don't worry  I am here to help you ,so that your baby will always look stylish!

Mon bebe..

Babies..Their little fingers, toes, and noses. 
The way the try and figure everything out cause everything is new to them.
The babbling, the facial expressions, the squeals, the grunts, the coos.
They are cuddly, warm, loveable, soft, and smell so sweet.
They are precious little angels, here for us to love and adore.